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«BAYSIT» – anticorrosive two-component polyurethane material

The Groupe of company «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» is a manufacturer of anticorrosive two-component polyurethane material “BaySit”, which is used for insulation and protection of main gas and oil pipelines.

“BaySit” — it does not contain solvents, polyurethane build coating designed for application installation airless spraying and provides long maintenance-free protection of metal surfaces.

“BaySit” – It is specifically designed for application by airless spraying with preheating and mixing the components just prior to transfer to the atomizing of the object. In this way, it may be applied one layer at a thickness of 0.5 to 2 mm.

“BaySit” – the coating can be applied in various environments, underground, in a chemically polluted environment, in contact with water, including sea.

“BaySit” – It combines exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact with a substantial degree of flexibility. Therefore, this coating is suitable and widely used in a variety of cases, including the protection of pipelines, subject to installation and related engineering structures, tanks and containers, metalwork.

“BaySit” – it meets the requirements of DSTU 4219-2003, Russian GOST 9.602-89 and German standards DIN 30671 and DIN 30677 for exterior protection of pipelines.

Production and supply of equipment

One of the main activities of PJSC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» is the design, production and supply of equipment for the construction and repair of gas pipelines, oil pipelines and other oil and gas facilities, the development and introduction new technological processes for recovery the insulation coating in the repair of pipelines.

The Company’s policy in the area of customer satisfaction, includes examination and development of technological processes, preparation of recommendations, the development of construction projects, development, manufacturing and introduction of equipment, its maintenance and repair, training technical staff, receptions efficient operation.

Functional combination in a single company the opportunity to establish new processes and technology, as well as ensuring their implementation on the construction and repair of pipeline systems facilities, significantly reduced turnaround time and improve the quality of developed products.

Complex equipment for main repair of piping KRT

Complex KRT is designed to carry out main repairs of pipelines of various purposes. It can be applied in any organization scheme works, including in-line repair with complete replacement of the insulation coating and repair of local, as well as in the construction or reconstruction of pipeline systems.

image1The equipment for removal of insulation coating by water-jet (КRТ.01)

The diameter of the processed pipe, mm  219 – 1420
Productivity, m/min  0,3 – 1,5
Pressure water jet cleaning system in мах, MPa (kg/cm2)  120 (1200)
Pump capacity, L/min  50 – 100

image2Equipment for the mechanical removal of the insulating covering (КRТ.10)

The diameter of the processed pipe, mm  820 – 1420
Productivity, m/min  0,3 – 1,5

image3Equipment for blast cleaning and surface preparation (КRТ.02)

The diameter of the processed pipe, mm  219 – 1420
Productivity, m/min  0,3 – 1,5
Pressure compressor, МPа (kg/cm2) 0,6 (6)-1,2 (12)
Productivity compressor, m3/min 20 – 40

image4Equipment for insulation coating (КRТ.03)

The diameter of the processed pipe, mm  219 – 1420
Productivity, m/min  0,3 – 1,5
The maximum pressure in the coating system МPа (kg/cm2) 50 (500)

Equipment and installation kits for the local repair and pipeline construction

image5Equipment for shotblasting cleaning and surface preparation of pipes (DK)

The diameter of the processed pipe, mm  219 – 1420
Productivity, m2/min 1-8
The degree of surface treatment, GOST 9.402 2
Cleaned surface roughness, micron 40…100

image6Complete equipment for blast cleaning and surface preparation for local repairs or emergency work manually (КА 1)

Productivity, m2/hour 10 – 15
Pressure compressor, МPа (kg/cm2) 0,6(6)-1,2(12)
Productivity compressor, m3/min 20 – 40

image7Set of equipment for vacuum coating for local repairs or emergency work manually (КB 1)

Productivity, m2/min 1,5 – 2
Pressure of compressed air, kg/cm2 2,5 – 7
Spending compres airflow, m3/min 3,5
Maximum pressure in the dosing system, МPа (kg/сm2) 35(350)
Power consumption, kW 12

image8Installation of airless coating (UDN3)

Productivity, L/min 1 – 12
Ratio of the components 1:1, 1:3, 1:3.5, 1:4
Maximum pressure in the dosing system, kg/cm2 350

image9Complex for local repair pipeline (KLRT)

Performance of water-jet removal of old coatings, m2/hour 12
Productivity abrasive surface preparation, m2/hour 14
Productivity insulation coating, m2/hour 12
Power electric diesel unit, kW 60
Productivity diz compressor, m3/min 11,3

image10Set of equipment for automatic welding cored wire of non swivel pipe joints (КАSPP)

Technical flow velocity, joint/h (1420×22,5)  2,7
Diameter welded pipes, mm 530-1420
Wall thickness, mm 8-25
The number of welding units in the column 1-5
Hydroelectric power, kw 60
Number of welding rectifiers, pieces 2

image11Installation of horizontal drilling (HHD)

The diameter of the cartridge, mm 219 – 1720
Project transition length, m до 60
Technical drilling speed, m/h 2 – 12
Ground category for GOST 25100-82 I – IV

image12The machine is preparing the pipe edges (SPK)

The diameter of the processed pipe, mm 530 – 1420
The wall thickness of the pipe, mm 10 – 25
Rotational speed of the faceplate, revs/min 20 – 35
Supply faceplate, mm/min 3

image13Machine for fireless pipeline tie-in

The diameter of the pipeline, mm 530 – 1420
Pipeline wall thickness, mm 6 – 24
Diameter embed offset, mm Dn140…Dn400
Total power consumption, kW 5
Tie-in system pressure, MPa 5,5
The length of stroke of the cutting tool, mm 1000
Weight of machine-tool, kg 750

image14Two-component polyurethane composition «BAYSIT»

Impact strength (20° C) more than 15 J
Dielectric continuity more than 5 kV/mm
Cathodic delamination (radius) 5 mm
Adhesion of coatings to steel more than 7,5Н/mm2
The elasticity of the coating, % 6-8
Heat resistance More than 80° C
Transitional specific electric resistance 1010 Om∙m2

Construction and reconstuction of compressor, distribution and pressure stations

PJSC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» performs works on construction and reconstruction of compressor and distribution stations of main gas pipelines and pressure stations of the main oil pipelines.

Including works on installation of equipment of block compressor stations and pressure stations, reconstruction and modernization of existing plants, anticorrosive insulation of technological pipelines, replacement of defective sections of pipe corrosion protection of technological equipment, modernization and reconstruction of the units.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling – controlled method of trenchless laying of underground communications, based on the use of special drilling rigs.

International designation – HDD or Horizontal Directional Drilling. Ways strip length up to 2 km and a diameter of 1200 mm. Used the polyethylene pipes, steel and others kinds of materials. The use of these technologies is unique in that there is minimal impact on the environment.

Using HDD

As a rule, trenchless technologies are used to:

  • Laying cable ties;
  • Laying underground wiring harness;
  • Laying Oil pipelines, gas pipelines, heating conduits;
  • Laying sewerage (both pressure and gravity);
  • Laying of water pipes;
  • Replacement of pipes – the destruction of the old with the simultaneous laying of new ones.

An additional advantage of the technology is that the equipment for the trenchless construction and repair of underground communications covers a wide area of the packing:

  • Under the rivers, lakes, canals, ravines, parks and forestland;
  • Under the existing road and railway, tramway, airport runways;
  • On the territory of industrial enterprises in the conditions of existing production;
  • In the protected zones of high voltage overhead transmission lines, main gas, oil and other product pipelines;
  • Close to or on the territory of historical and architectural monuments;
  • The specific grounds (floaters, rocks, swamps, etc..).

PJSC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» implemented a unique and challenging engineering HDD project under the river Rioni (Georgia) with the limit angle tightening to a depth of 22 meters to bypass the rocky ground rocks.

Currently, due to the gained experience, the availability of scientific and technical staff, our Company owns the world-class technology for all kinds of work specified in the license in a timely manner and provides a high quality of work.

Just draw your attention to our direct partnership with the American company “Robbins HDD”. We have the status of official dealers for the regions of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We deal with individual selection and supply of such an essential element of art as a HDD drilling tools – drill rods, hydraulic wrenches, shovels, spreaders and much more including bentonite and polymers.

image1Performed work by the method of Horizontal Directional Drilling under the river Rioni length 620m Ø711 30.06.2013 year.

image2Performed work by the method of Horizontal Directional Drilling under the railway and highway length of 240m Ø 1020mm 21.09.2013 year.

Repair insulation coating of oil and gas pipelines without stopping transport of products

In recent years, due to a sharp increase in the volume of major repair of main pipelines, PJSC “PVI ZIT” Naftogazbudizolyatsiya” pays special attention to the creation and implementation of new maintenance technologies and equipment that allows you to perform all kinds of work on the pipeline without stopping the transport of the product.

Fundamentally new methods of removal of the old coating, stripping and surface preparation and application of high-viscosity polyurethane, epoxy, epoxide, alkyd-urethane, and others coatings. To create a complex for major repairs of pipelines, mobile equipment for local repairs, re-insulation aerial crossings and technological equipment of gas distribution and compressor stations.

image1Repair of pipelines without stopping the transport of the product

image2Repair of the main gas pipelines without stopping the transport of gas

image3Repair of the main gas pipelines without stopping the transport of gas

image4Status of the pipeline after removing the old coating

image5Removal of the old insulation coating

image6Abrasive blasting and surface preparation with hand tools

image7Applying polyurethane insulation coating

image8Abrasive blasting and surface preparation

image9Applying polyurethane insulation coating

New construction pipelines (oil, gas, water conduits)

PJSC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» provides a full range of services for the construction of pipelines, including:

Rezka_trub-sitePipe cutting and edge preparation
hot and cold cutting of tubes, processing of edges for welding

Svarka-siteWelding and installation work
Pipe welding with automatic flux-cored arc welding with forced weld formation, manual arc welding

control-izolyacii-siteControl of welded joints
radiographic inspection, ultrasonic testing

izolyaciya-svarnix-stykov-siteInsulation of welded joints
Isolation joints by various methods depending on the type of plant insulation or if the insulation of the pipeline without insulation

EXZ-siteЭлектро-Electrochemical protection
installation of electrochemical protection systems, installation of anodes, control and monitoring systems

Testing, cleaning, commissioning

Preparation of trenches, crushing of the soil and the creation of “bed”, backfilling trenches, re-vegetation layer

Takelazhnie_raboty-siteRigging and bending pipes
Transportation pipes at the construction site, bending pipe bending machine, laying out on the curb

Overhaul (main repair) of oil and gas pipelines

The modern system of capital repairs of the main oil and gas pipelines, based on advanced technologies and materials, modern equipment – creating an enabling environment to meet the increasing volumes of the repair work, as well as provides reliable and trouble-free operation of pipelines. Timely execution of these works on modern organizational and technological level is the key to longevity and safe operation of pipelines.

The basis of the concept of rehabilitation of pipelines is to support the operational reliability of the linear part of main pipelines due to carrier recovery pipe body and the ability to replace the insulating coatings.

To implement the project for repair of pipelines offers technological schemes of repair of trunk oil and gas pipelines:

  • Stream pipeline repair with replacement of insulation in the trench with water jet automated complex removal of the old insulation, abrasive surface preparation and airless new polyurethane coating tube self-propelled machines.
  • Repair of pipelines individual pits with replacement of insulation in the trench, without stopping the transportation of the product, with the use of mobile complex for the local repair of a water-jet removal of old insulation, abrasive surface preparation and application of the new airless polyurethane coating hand tools.
  • Repair and recovery of individual pipes in the factory by using a water-jet removal of the old insulation, abrasive surface preparation and airless new polyurethane coating or applying three-layer polyethylene coating, cleaning the inner cavity of tubes and insulating inner surface, and chamfering the ends of tubes walls of pipes and repair.

Depending on the actual section of the pipeline status of the survey used a local repair method (non-stop product transportation), which is reduced mainly to the replacement of the insulation coating or overhaul method (with detached section of the pipeline), which is carried out with the partial replacement of pipes, full replacement of the insulation coating, restoration of electrochemical systems.

In cases when major repairs must be carried out only re-insulation of the pipeline this work must be performed in field conditions using modern cleaning and insulating equipment. At the same time as the equipment used for local repairs (re-isolation of individual sections, valve stations and other individual elements of pipeline systems), as well as equipment for in-line overhauls.

In addition to performing complex repair in field conditions is widely used method of repair, in which the pipe section being repaired pipeline transported to a specialized factory which produces the whole range of activities, including the removal of old insulation, pipe body diagnosis, removal of defects, machined ends, the application of a new polyurethane or polyethylene extrusion coating insulation, certified remanufactured tubes.

Using remanufactured factory pipes significantly reduces the capital cost of construction and installation work in providing quality assurance and regulatory life of the facilities, as well as increase the pace of work on capital construction and repair up to 2 times.