The license

The company has all necessary licenses, permits and certificates for the full range of construction and repair of pipelines from design and research to commissioning of the object.

The level training of specialists confirmed by certificates:

image1Ukraine Derzhgirpromnaglyad

  • management and execution of construction and installation work;
  • for designing oil and gas facilities and gas supply systems;
  • to carry out inspections, training and supervision of repair of building structures;
  • management and execution of works of increased danger.

image2Gosgortechnadzor Russian Federation

  • design work for the construction of buildings and structures;
  • construction work for the construction of buildings and structures;
  • construction management, overhaul, maintenance and diagnostics of pipeline transport facilities.

Qualification and quality of works confirmed by certificates, licenses specified designs and certified quality system DSTU ISO 9001.

The license

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