New construction pipelines (oil, gas, water conduits)

PJSC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» provides a full range of services for the construction of pipelines, including:

Rezka_trub-sitePipe cutting and edge preparation
hot and cold cutting of tubes, processing of edges for welding

Svarka-siteWelding and installation work
Pipe welding with automatic flux-cored arc welding with forced weld formation, manual arc welding

control-izolyacii-siteControl of welded joints
radiographic inspection, ultrasonic testing

izolyaciya-svarnix-stykov-siteInsulation of welded joints
Isolation joints by various methods depending on the type of plant insulation or if the insulation of the pipeline without insulation

EXZ-siteЭлектро-Electrochemical protection
installation of electrochemical protection systems, installation of anodes, control and monitoring systems

Testing, cleaning, commissioning

Preparation of trenches, crushing of the soil and the creation of “bed”, backfilling trenches, re-vegetation layer

Takelazhnie_raboty-siteRigging and bending pipes
Transportation pipes at the construction site, bending pipe bending machine, laying out on the curb