Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling – controlled method of trenchless laying of underground communications, based on the use of special drilling rigs.

International designation – HDD or Horizontal Directional Drilling. Ways strip length up to 2 km and a diameter of 1200 mm. Used the polyethylene pipes, steel and others kinds of materials. The use of these technologies is unique in that there is minimal impact on the environment.

Using HDD

As a rule, trenchless technologies are used to:

  • Laying cable ties;
  • Laying underground wiring harness;
  • Laying Oil pipelines, gas pipelines, heating conduits;
  • Laying sewerage (both pressure and gravity);
  • Laying of water pipes;
  • Replacement of pipes – the destruction of the old with the simultaneous laying of new ones.

An additional advantage of the technology is that the equipment for the trenchless construction and repair of underground communications covers a wide area of the packing:

  • Under the rivers, lakes, canals, ravines, parks and forestland;
  • Under the existing road and railway, tramway, airport runways;
  • On the territory of industrial enterprises in the conditions of existing production;
  • In the protected zones of high voltage overhead transmission lines, main gas, oil and other product pipelines;
  • Close to or on the territory of historical and architectural monuments;
  • The specific grounds (floaters, rocks, swamps, etc..).

PJSC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» implemented a unique and challenging engineering HDD project under the river Rioni (Georgia) with the limit angle tightening to a depth of 22 meters to bypass the rocky ground rocks.

Currently, due to the gained experience, the availability of scientific and technical staff, our Company owns the world-class technology for all kinds of work specified in the license in a timely manner and provides a high quality of work.

Just draw your attention to our direct partnership with the American company “Robbins HDD”. We have the status of official dealers for the regions of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We deal with individual selection and supply of such an essential element of art as a HDD drilling tools – drill rods, hydraulic wrenches, shovels, spreaders and much more including bentonite and polymers.

image1Performed work by the method of Horizontal Directional Drilling under the river Rioni length 620m Ø711 30.06.2013 year.

image2Performed work by the method of Horizontal Directional Drilling under the railway and highway length of 240m Ø 1020mm 21.09.2013 year.