«BAYSIT» – anticorrosive two-component polyurethane material

The Groupe of company «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» is a manufacturer of anticorrosive two-component polyurethane material “BaySit”, which is used for insulation and protection of main gas and oil pipelines.

“BaySit” — it does not contain solvents, polyurethane build coating designed for application installation airless spraying and provides long maintenance-free protection of metal surfaces.

“BaySit” – It is specifically designed for application by airless spraying with preheating and mixing the components just prior to transfer to the atomizing of the object. In this way, it may be applied one layer at a thickness of 0.5 to 2 mm.

“BaySit” – the coating can be applied in various environments, underground, in a chemically polluted environment, in contact with water, including sea.

“BaySit” – It combines exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact with a substantial degree of flexibility. Therefore, this coating is suitable and widely used in a variety of cases, including the protection of pipelines, subject to installation and related engineering structures, tanks and containers, metalwork.

“BaySit” – it meets the requirements of DSTU 4219-2003, Russian GOST 9.602-89 and German standards DIN 30671 and DIN 30677 for exterior protection of pipelines.