Alexander Itkin

Chairman of the GC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya»

Academician of the Academy Construction of Ukraine, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Alexander Itkin is the author of over 50 inventions of machines, equipment and systems for the repair and construction of trunk oil and gas pipelines, and the author of over 100 publications, including 4 monographs.

Yuri Domin

General manager of the PJSC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya»

Doctor of Technical Sciences

Iurii Domin is the author of several works on technology of repair pipelines and author of a number of patents and copyright certificates on inventions of machines and systems for the repair of pipelines in the oil and gas industry.

Gholamabbas Mirshafiel Esfarjani

Head of the Middle East region

Irina Komarova

Chief Financial Officer of the GC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya»

Svetlana Fedotova

Head of the department of foreign economic activity of the GC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya»

Doctor of Economic Sciences

Maria Zhytynskay

Head of patent-license work GC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya»

Head of HR

Nikos Dimopoylos

Responsible representative of the GC «PVI ZIT «Naftogazbudizolyatsiya» in Athens (Greece)